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Hacks in so many shapes and colours!

The week of hacking is coming to an end and we are thrilled to see so many different kind of hacks taking form. We can’t wait until Monday to listen and see all 30-ish hacks being presented!

However, we thought we’d already now give you a short sneak peek of 3 of them!

1. ‘Creativity on Demand’
George, one of our brilliant UX designers have been hacking remote, from the deep forests of Småland, looking into how to create 'creativity on demand'.

George's focus has been on finding ways of being more productive and effective during the creative phases of any problem solving process! We think a better work place for this purpose is hard to find! 

2. Gamification of Viaplay - ‘shooting gallery’

Some of our amazing, crazy, superhero back-enders have been hacking on a kind of gamification of the Viaplay product.

The idea is that if you want to live a little more into the movie you’re watching, you can then shoot things that pop up on the screen. You get points and you can play with, or challenge your friends. The technology behind it is IoT combined with cloud computing, and they are planning to encode so that it's possible to "interfear and interact" with what's happening on screen. Technology also used is web sockets, piezo microphones and chrome extensions…well…that together with toy guns and a lot of pizza boxes:)

3. 'The everyday hero'

The fantastic, awesome and truly cross functional crew, spanning team members from practically every Viaplay department have been hacking on a PR/commercial related hack, including making a kind of ‘flash-mob/candid camera’ event to random people in Stockholm. 

The idea was that it’s possible to step into the world of Viaplay - whenever and wherever you are…even at a busstop on a rainy day! :)


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