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Viaplay <3 Hello World!

Viaplay will sponsor the non-profit organisation ‘Hello World!’ during 2018!

We have decided to launch a Hello World! girls' scholarship with the ambition to promote kids’ - and in this case girls’ - interest in digital creation. The girl who receives the scholarship will be able to (free of charge) attend a camp week with Hello World! in the summer of 2018 and get free participation in all their Meetups during 2018.

Read more and apply to Hello World's scholarship here

To promote this, Viaplay will also host one of the Hello World! Meetups next year. On the first Sunday in March, we’ll have around 100 kids at the office between the ages of 8-18 who will code on different projects! 

We took the opportunity to catch up with Karin Runborg, one of our Frontend Developers, and John Jedborn, Senior Developer and Tech Lead, who made us aware of and promoted the Hello World! organisation.

So tell us how did you learn about 'Hello World!'?

John: “Well, my son attended one of their camps this past summer and I got to see for myself what a great concept the ‘Hello World!’ organisation is! Not only are they giving a chance for kids who might not be that into sports to attend summer camps - make friends, build networks and learn a lot about programming,  they also give the kids a perspective of what you actually can do with programming and it gives a more practical view and understanding of the reason and importance of school subjects, like mathematics for example. Moreover, I think it’s great that the organisation, by sponsorships and other fundings, can subsidise the cost for camps and Meetups for kids with parents that don’t have the same economic possibilities as others. It makes it more equal for all kids to join and learn more about digital creation regardless of socioeconomic background.”

Karin: ” I heard about Hello World! during the last ‘Women in Tech’ in March where the organisation caught my attention. Just a couple weeks ago I received an email from Hello World! about supporting a girls' scholarship and forwarded it to you guys in the Recruitment & EB team...and the rest is history!
Since we know that the tech industry has an unusually low proportion of women, I think it’s great that we through this scholarship support girls who want to develop their interest in digital creation.”

Read more and apply to Hello World's scholarship here


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