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Swedish classes @ the office!

Earlier in Spring, we received requests from some of our international developers in the Viafree team who wanted to learn more Swedish. Their problem was that they struggled to make it to the “SFI” classes (free Swedish classes for immigrants) as these are in the evening. This makes things difficult if you for example have young children to get home to.

We thought this was a wonderful idea and an opportunity to help our international colleagues feel more at home at Viaplay and in Sweden, so we decided to start up a Swedish Course here at the office!

Swedish class in action!
Swedish class in action!

We’ve now had two courses and the initiative has been highly appreciated across the company. We caught up with Akos Olah, lead developer and one of the initiators to the course, to hear about why he requested the Swedish course and what he thinks about it:

‘I was thinking about learning more Swedish. I spoke to one of my colleagues who said that she can’t go to SFI because it's in the evenings. So, we talked to our manager about it and she took it further! 

I think the Swedish course has been very useful and it’s been so helpful to have it here at the office! Also, my team is really supportive as well so I try to push myself to talk more Swedish with them, maybe over a ‘fika’ :)

Picture of Akos
Akos contemplating Christmas

Duygu Alyazici is a frontend developer from Turkey who started at Viaplay two months ago. She gave us her thoughts as a newbie on the Swedish course: 

'Hej hej, jag heter Duygu! I was really excited when I first heard that Viaplay offers Swedish courses for us. Because learning a new language means learning a new culture! It gave me the chance to meet new colleagues from all over the house, and of course a better feeling for the social life. Slowly I am beginning to understand the announcements in the metro!'

Picture of Duygu
Duygu with 'Svampbob'

Keep up the good work, Akos and Duygu! Bra jobbat! :)


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