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Hack Days #21

What a week we’ve had! Last week was our 21st Hack Days and we are thrilled to be able to say that it was a success!  So what is Hack Days? The short story is that it’s one week full of creativity, innovation, teamwork and fun. It’s a time when we set regular work aside to make room for creative projects in new team constellations.

These Hack Days, we’ve seen some fantastic hacks spanning from new product features and app development to new uses of data insights and even how to improve the office room booking system. Some of these hacks, we expect to see implemented on our service really soon!

The week started off with inspirational speaker Jens Lanvin who gave us great insights and tools for coming up with future proof ideas for Hack Days. Another inspirational speaker Olivia Kiwanuka gave us some life lessons on teamwork and decision making. Then we all went away to our different teams and started hacking! The rest of the week was all about creativity, teamwork and hard work - we wanted to create awesome hacks in time for the presentations.

Last day of the week was presentations day! Some last minute touches on the hacks and demos recorded - we headed to Hotel Rival for the final hoorah. The presentations were moderated by journalist and author Oliver August, side-kicked by our own Kaj af Kleen.

So where did the prizes go? Well, we had three winning teams who hacked on creating a kids’ event, adding a new feature to the product and creating a new app to simplify everyday work… but ultimately, we all came out winners, since Hack Days is not about winning, but bringing everyone together and enjoying the process :-)

We had a fantastic week and already can’t wait for the next Hack Days! What would you hack on if you had a week to do it?


On the Wednesday and Thursday we were very pleased to welcome back an ice cream machine to the office (Hack Days tradition). Photo cred: @marikaohrn



At Rival waiting for the presentations to start!

Some of our Hack Days winners accepting their prize! Featured here: backend developer Sarah Mohaghegh, frontend developer Charlie Norin and tech trainee Martin Borek

Guest speaker Jens Lanvin with our dev manager Maria Waldenström


Guest speaker Olivia Kiwanuka with our communications manager Saga Löfgren and project manager Lena Puzina



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