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Students at Viaplay

This Spring has been very fruitful for student projects at Viaplay & Viafree so far. That’s why we have decided to shed some light on how we collaborate with students and what exactly they’ve been focusing on.


Master Thesis

Kim and Per are KTH students that are currently doing their Master Thesis projects at Viaplay. Kim has been working at Viaplay alongside his studies for 2 years now. He works mostly night and weekend shifts in the Technical Operations team. So when it was time to choose a Master Thesis project, Kim emailed his manager at Viaplay to see if they could do their thesis here, and he in turn checked with the developers to see if there was a suitable project.

“It’s great that Kim worked here and had a foot in the door, because it can be hard otherwise to find a company to do your thesis on. Our first impression of Viaplay is great: this seems to be an awesome place with good people who always want to help, and we’ve felt very welcome here. On top of that, Viaplay’s also a very modern company that uses the latest technologies and no old legacy systems, so that’s really cool as well”

Kim and Per are going to be here for 2 sprints (6 weeks) and work with the backend side of how Viaplay stores user data, as part of Viaplay’s GDPR work.


Kim Askebris & Per Lovén

Student Project

Olli, Martina, Dilan and Andrejs are doing a course project at KTH in which they will analyse and improve Viaplay’s product development process. They will be interviewing 5 people and will then present their suggestions and ideas on how to improve our product development process.

The group found their way into Viaplay by contacting the Recruitment team who then put them in contact with one of our Product Managers.

“The people are highly skilled here, they know what they’re talking about and you have a well developed process model in place. We’ve read a lot of things in literature and theory that you’re actually using, so you’re very up to date which is cool.

The people we’ve talked to are really qualified and at the same time they’re positive, helpful and humble, so we’ve had a great vibe of Viaplay so far”


Olli Pietilä, Martina Eichler, Dilan Kaya & Andrejs Celukanovs


David started his internship at Viaplay i November as part of his degree at Nackademin. His teacher used to work at Viaplay and got David in touch with Viaplay’s Head of Product who found a spot for him in the Web team. David fit so well into the organisation that he’s now been offered a permanent position and will as of May be a developer in the Operations Tools team.

“After having worked here as an intern for a couple of months, I was contacted by the Head of Operations who asked if I would be interested in a permanent position in the Operations Tools team. Which I of course was - it was my main goal to get full time! So after two interviews I was offered the role as developer in the Operations Tools team. I was so happy I celebrated for like a week!

One thing I love about Viaplay is that there are so many different people here who are all amazingly talented. I have learned so much as an intern here and I’m sure I will continue to do so in my new role too”


David Rosas

Tech Trainee

Every year, Viaplay & Viafree welcome two Tech Trainees to join us for a yearlong programme focusing on development. This is an opportunity for those who graduate before the programme’s start date in August. As a tech trainee you will get to rotate through different teams within the tech organisation to learn as much as possible about how Viaplay & Viafree are built.  

When the year is up and the programme ends, it’s our goal to offer you a permanent position in the team that suits you best.

We will post the job ad and open up for applications for 2019s Tech Trainee Programme in November. If you connect to our Tech department, we will notify you when we open the applications for next year’s Tech Trainee Programme.

Interested to know more about life and opportunities at Viaplay & Viafree? Check out our open positions under "all jobs" below!


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