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Meetup with AWS Sthlm

Not all heroes wear capes! Meet Viaplayers (from the left) Yekaterina Kantserova, Nils Lagerkvist, Peter Allwin and Anders Berglund


Last week, Viaplay hosted an AWS Meetup (Amazon Web-Service cloud computing) at our office in Stockholm. We had a fantastic evening filled with fascinating talks and some impressive networking. Viaplay has hosted a few Meetups now and this was the second time that we had the pleasure of hosting AWS.

So what are Meetups and why do we host them? Basically, a Meetup group is a local community of people with a common interest or hobby. The group - in this case AWS - can schedule events to meet, network and share knowledge with their peers. Viaplay’s role in this is that we host and facilitate these events and in doing so, we get to introduce ourselves and what we do to fellow tech people.

The evening started off with some mingling before Viaplay’s Head of Development Peter Allwin welcomed everyone with an introduction of Viaplay. We then got into the real knowledge-sharing sessions and had the pleasure of listening to Viaplay’s own Cloud Team and our friends from Media Smiths share some of their extensive knowledge of AWS.


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Viaplay's Head of Development Peter Allwin opens the night


 A brief summary of the talks:

Anders Berglund, Infrastructure Architect (Viaplay), talked about how to implement the Saga-pattern by utilising AWS Step Functions to drive long running workflows and transactions. Long running workflows is a fairly common issue when managing media assets and Anders showed us how the issue can be tackled.

Yekaterina Kantserova, Team Lead CloudPlatform (Viaplay),  demonstrated how to run CodeBuild locally in order to easier test and develop the build steps of services. This also makes it possible to locally build software in the same way it’s done in the Cloud Service.

Peter Henebäck, Matthew McNamra, and Raghavendran S from Media Smiths talked about how we can utilise and scale workloads in Step Functions and ECS. For instance, they showed us how to manage and scale spiky workloads.

The evening ended with mingling and networking where everyone could share their own experiences and thoughts, or just catch up with some old colleagues and friends over a cold drink. Huge thanks to everyone who organised, talked and attended the evening - we look forward to the next one!

If you want Viaplay to host a Meetup, check out our Meetup group and send us a message!


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Enjoying the post-talk mingle


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A couple of former Viaplay consultants didn't want to miss this evening




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