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“We do almost everything in-house at Viaplay, which is a huge perk for a product manager”

“We do almost everything in-house at Viaplay, which is a huge perk for a product manager”

Product Manager Jessica Berglund sheds some light on what’s so exciting about Viaplay’s product development process and how it feels to work with a well-known and customer-oriented brand.

Jessica Berglund, Product Manager


How has your Viaplay story started?

I started at Viaplay about 6 months ago as a product manager focusing primarily on our Kids section.

I previously worked as Product Manager for SF Kids Play at SF Studios (Svensk Filmindustri) for 6 years. When the opportunity arise at Viaplay, I felt that it was a good time to "scale up". Viaplay has a much bigger and wider audience, spanning from kids all ages to sport nerds and binge watchers, in which I saw a great opportunity to grow and develop professionally.

What are your first impressions of Viaplay? How does it feel to work here?

It’s really really good! The general vibe here at Viaplay is great. We’re forward-leaning with a lot of tech-savvy experts and overall highly skilled people. There's an overall positive trend - which is emphasised by us making great results. Almost everything we do here is done in-house at Viaplay which for me is a huge perk, having previously worked almost extensively with consultant developers, and it's just not the same. There’s always someone to turn to for advice, guidance, or just to talk about the latest episode of Silicon Valley.

If you talk about the product itself, how does it feel to work with such a well-known and customer oriented brand?

Everyone here is really invested in the product that we deliver. Our platform and the experience that we provide is very stable and strong which gives us the opportunity to focus on our motto, to create moments that matter. It's so much more fun and rewarding to strive against excellens instead of having to put out fires all the time for things that's not working. This allows for all of us to excel and create something that’s not just good but fantastic to our customers.

What does the product development process look like?

We have a agile process that starts with an Opportunity Assessment - which anyone can write - that’s basically an idea for an area that we should explore further. As a Product Manager I’m part off assessing these opportunities. Once we establish how it will benefit the customers and our service we get our super skilled designer and development teams involved to start breaking down the case and turn it into actions. This is where a lot of us comes together to write Epics and Stories in order to have a smooth process all the way through to release. 

What do you like about your job?

This is going to sound cliché, but as a Product Manager, you really have your finger in a lot of pies. On the one hand you’re creating solid business cases to make sure that this is something that we should do, but on the other hand you’re on the actual development side and nitpick things like moving a button a millimeter to the left. So you get the best of both sides, but it can also be quite challenging. You have to make sure you don’t just focus on the business case but also remember the smaller things that mean a lot to the individual user - even if the monetary reward is negligible. It can be a difficult balance, but it’s also what I find the most fun!

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