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Josefine Jansson Thyselius

Josefine Jansson Thyselius

Lead User Interface Designer – Product

“We get instant feedback and people really care about the work we do”

When Viaplay's users watch their favourite shows, movies or sports events, the experience should be second to none. As Lead User Interface Designer, Josefine Jansson Thyselius has an umbrella perspective, ensuring that users recognise the brand and the interface regardless of platform.

Josefine Jansson Thyselius's route to Viaplay started with studies at Hyper Island followed by working as a Designer and Art director at various advertising and communications firms.

“After a number of years in that industry, I felt it was difficult to take a long-term perspective. One moved quickly from one assignment to the next and there was seldom an opportunity to follow up on anything. I wanted to develop long-term projects, to create a useful product or service that users would really appreciate, that they would want to spread in their networks,” says Josefine and continues, “I’ve always enjoyed popular culture and when the opportunity to work at Viaplay presented itself, naturally it felt very exciting.”

Having begun her career at Viaplay in 2014 as Digital Art Director, at the beginning of 2017 she took up the newly-created position of Lead User Interface Designer. Since Viaplay's Designers are spread across various device teams, it is Josefine's responsibility to ensure that their work remains cohesive. “I have an umbrella perspective, making sure that users recognise the brand and the interface, regardless of platform, and that we continue to develop in the right direction. This is not one-way communication, every design solution is based on insights about our user’s needs and we test them continuously to ensure that they are onboard with it. We get rapid feedback and people really care about the work we do.”

Josefine highlights her colleagues as one of the best parts in her job. Everyone is friendly and professional, so it is fun to collaborate and easy to be effective together. “Our main priority in the design team is to optimise the experience for users, and everyone works towards achieving that goal. It’s creative work and we have fun together. At the same time, we develop and learn a lot from one other. In part, this happens through workshops and daily collaborations, but we also exchange links throughout the day and have regular sessions for inspiration and knowledge sharing.”

Josefine’s role involves a great deal of collaboration and dialogue with other departments, for example when it comes to reviewing design principles. To that end, she organises workshops, drives the agenda and ensures that sufficient information is made available on which to base decisions. “The complexity of the technology presents constant challenges – we exist on so many different platforms, have various types of content and a wide range of users. There are always new things to learn.” 

How does Viaplay stand out as an employer?

“When I started working at Viaplay, I was struck by the obvious commitment and energy. The atmosphere is very down to earth, we respect the qualifications each person brings and we develop things together. At what level of the company one is at is unimportant,” explains Josefine.

In summary, she offers, “We also have a very diverse mix of people. In our offices, you might pass someone in stiletto heels, followed by a developer in slippers and then a hipster. This offers a wide range of perspectives, which is an obvious advantage given that we have so many different types of users.”


Role: Lead User Interface Designer.
Education: Hyper Island.
Interests: There is a good deal of emphasis on family life, as I have two children, 2 and 4 years old. We are also in the process of building a house in the countryside outside Nykvarn. I build up my energy reserves by dancing, going out for a run and spending time with friends.

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