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“We talk about movies and TV shows all the time” 

The greatest benefit of working at Viaplay, according to Veronica Fras, is to work with a product that affects so many. She believes everyone can relate to movies and TV shows!

Veronica Fras has a background as a management consultant and has also worked with pension insurance. Some might say that there is a great distinction compared to working with streaming services. Today she works as Head of Customer Experience and is responsible for a group whose mission is to create a good experience for the customer.

– We have no fixed term on our subscriptions so customers can cancel the service whenever. Given this fact, it is important to make customers to see the value of our service. We work extensively with customer insights and data in order to stay relevant. By collecting a lot of generated data the service can be personalised, which truly benefits our customers.

Veronicas work days’ focuses on leadership and coaching the eight employees within the team she is responsible for. Commitment is the key to success.

– We talk about movies and TV shows all the time and have an incredible commitment in getting these out to our customers. I experience a genuine interest among our employees and a pride of what we are working with, and that there is so much great content that our customers can take part of. 

The atmosphere at the Viaplay office is relaxed. The employees are high achievers that are incredibly driven and have a lot of ambition, but there are no sharp elbows. It is non-hierarchical.

– I worked as a management consultant for ten years and in that industry the work environment is very different. Here at Viaplay we work in an open office and during our breaks we can play video games or a round of ping-pong. It is a very relaxed atmosphere between colleagues. If I need to discuss something with our CEO, I just walk by instead of having to go through another manager.

The organisation is flat and if you do a good job and show that you want to develop, you will be given new responsibilities, regardless if you are young and recently graduated.

– When it comes to my own development I have grown a lot by working with the cutting edge of digital technology. We go very fast from idea to implementation and feedback. That triggers me and helps me develop faster. We work in an environment that allows us to see the results of our work fast.

One of the best memories of Veronica’s time at Viaplay so far is the broadcasting of the Olympic Games. – It was a super cool thing and we at MTG were pioneers in terms of showing the Olympics in commercial channels and platforms. My role was to ensure that our customers got a great experience during the Olympics, but we also wanted them to start watching other things - preferably our TV shows and movies. We also tried to highlight different types of content, for example by using input from our TV hosts during the Olympics. We had Carolina Klüft recommending her favourite movies and Ola Wenström suggesting his favourite TV shows. It was a very successful campaign.


Name: Veronica Fras

Title: Head of Customer Experience.

Education: Master of Business Administration, Karlstad University.

Interests: I have small children so naturally my family. But I also enjoy running, music, the ocean and being on our boat.



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