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Max Andersson

Max Andersson

Head of Communications, Viaplay – Commercial

With a genuine interest in sports and a passion for communication, Max Andersson has certainly found his true passion as Head of Communications at Viaplay. Since 2012, he’s had various roles at the company, and now leads the way for Viaplay’s Nordic Communications team. In this job, he works with all types of communication; everything from content production to product launches. A big chunk of his job consists of coaching his co-workers across the Nordic region – which means a fair share of travelling.

Max has a background as a PR consultant. But over the past five years, he has been part of Viaplay's exciting journey from a modestly sized start-up to an established player and one of the leading companies in the streamed media industry. There hasn’t been a dull moment for Max, to say the least.

– I’m really passionate about my work and over the years here at Viaplay, I’ve rarely felt like I’m “going to work” when I get into the office. It may sound like a cliché, but it is true. It was also something my dad said to me: "Get a job you really like, because then you'll never have to go to work".

It was also – at least in some part – his father, a journalist, who made him want to work with communication in some way.

– I was attracted by the pulse and pace of this business and somehow it never gets old. It's an ever-changing industry.

And Max certainly ended up in a fast-changing industry, which fits a guy who’s always had an interest in new technologies. The constant change is something he likes and he emphasises that it’s in the new circumstances that you grow. But fast-paced change is also the biggest hurdle in day-to-day operations.

– A certain platform for communication may be right for us one week, but completely wrong the next. That’s why we try to set a climate where it's okay to do things we haven’t done before. We are always testing ourselves and the way we think.

What’s the most important thing to succeed in your role?

– You have to be adaptable because the work will always be changing. One also has to be responsive to what is happening in the world. In addition, it’s important to be humble and cooperative in regards to the other departments, because we depend on each other to achieve our common goals.

What's the best part of working at Viaplay?

–  That it's always moving forward, there's a fresh vision of the future - and it's a damn good product. You have the mandate to make decisions and you get to try things and break new ground. There is a curiosity and pioneer mentality here that I really like.

Head of Communications
Education: Bachelor of Business, Griffith University, Australia. Has also studied strategic communication and PR at Berghs School of Communication.

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