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Brian Laffan

Brian Laffan

Product Manager – Product

“Where content meets tech"

Brian is a Product Manager from New York who loves all kinds of music. He is also enthusiastic about solving problems and seeing other people solving problems. He is indeed in the right place at Viaplay. Currently, he is focusing on personalising their products to make them more interesting and user friendly.

– I try to create an experience that is right for the costumer in a particular moment. The headline on my twitter account is “where content meets tech” and that nicely sums up what I do. It’s a lot of fun to see what the developers can do with an idea; it’s fascinating to see their skills. I like the collaboration between ideas and content when it’s handed over to a developer and the real product comes to life. Overall, Viaplay is very good at collaborating between teams and departments. That’s really inspiring and you learn so much every day by taking part of other peoples’ skills and thoughts. We have hack weeks sometimes where the focus is to create things in what we call “cross teams”. To take advantage of every persons’ special skill to create something is just a beautiful thing! 

Recently, Brian was working with Viaplay’s sports products, remaking them for the Olympics.

– That was a lot of fun because we got to work with the entire organisation. As a Product Manager, I help to come up with the direction in which we will go, and then we find the answers collectively.

Before Viaplay Brian has been working with content in different ways, within music, TV and radio. He also launched the first mobile TV service in Scandinavia. At Viaplay’s recent hack week, Brian collaborated with the radio department. Because of that, they now have a podcast where they interview the creative forces behind Viaplay’s own productions.

– I mean, what’s the point of hiding talent? Because of the hack, we explore what the possibilities are and how we can reach out to the PR department. We interview interesting people in the film and TV production industry. In this case, we had some talented people here at Viaplay that are programmers by day and producers by night. Recently we interviewed the director of Hassel among others.

What’s the best part of working at Viaplay according to you?
– As much as we have our day-to-day responsibilities we can always try things and take small risks. Even if we are looking at our competitors we are in fact on the bleeding edge, meaning we do things that no one else is doing right now. And that is very exciting! Not only do we have the tools to make things great, but we also have the people. We can’t always choose what we are going to work with, and we get thrown in to projects and new things all the time and I really like that way of working. What I’m most proud of for the moment at Viaplay is our podcast “Stream Close Up”. It’s interesting because it’s the result of a hack week and is a perfect example on the creative environment at Viaplay. 

Role: Product Manager
Education: Political Science & American Literature

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