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Ákos Oláh

Ákos Oláh

Software Engineer – Tech

It’s almost impossible to resist Ákos Oláh’s bubbly personality and contagious charm. This loveable hungarian front-end developer gone tech lead never seizes to amaze his surroundings with his innovative ideas of further pushing Viaplay forward.

In more ways than one, actually. For instance, Ákos was one of the initiators to creating a Swedish language course for all of our co-workers that have come to learn Swedish as a second language. An increasingly useful idea from what can only be described as an ideas man.

– I don’t like to sit still. I’m a little bit more social than the average developer, he says and laughs.

– I need input from others, that’s why I love brainstorming and workshops.

His interest varies in all possible form, but always seem to be rooted in tech (“I’ve always loved hackathons, meetups... You know, nerdy stuff!”).

Unsurprisingly Ákos is a very curious in his nature, and like many of his colleagues he consider his job to be like his hobby. Mostly for the aspects of continuously getting to create.

– It’s actually possible to be artistic even as a developer, with a little help from a designer, of course. I really believe in the strength of collaboration.

Ákos joined the Viaplay team in august of 2016 and was a senior developer up until he got the opportunity of taking on the tech lead position for the Viafree team, where he works day to day in an effort to move Viafree closer to Viaplay, especially in the back-end systems.

His background is in small companies, advertising agencies and his own startup. This, however, is his first “big company job” which has really given him the chance to, as he puts it, focus on details and taking the time to get something just right.

– And I love that. I don’t like uncertainty in my life, and I feel very secure at Viaplay.

Viaplay is also a first in another way for Ákos. It’s his first time working at a Swedish company, something he seems to be very fond of. He describes the value of the team and responsibility being something else than what he’s used to.

– For example, if someone makes a mistake, it’s okay. Everybody shares the responsibility. It was never like that in Hungary.

What is the key to success in your role?

– I think to be open to collaboration and communicating with others. That way you can know more about other teams and what they actually are doing and then try to bring their perspective to your own work. 

: Ákos Oláh
Role: Lead Developer
Education: MSC, Computer Science

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