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Agnes Ekman

Agnes Ekman

Solutions Architect – Tech

Determination is the melody of 32 year old Agnes Ekman, solutions architect and senior employee at Viaplay. Marching to the beat of her own drum, she is constantly tackling different tasks head-on with a proven focus. Fiercely and efficiently. Agnes’ way of always looking at things from different perspectives and finding a more efficient route to solving the problem at hand has gained her a steady admiration among her co-workers. Not only for her work skills, mind you – around the office the plain and simple truth is that Agnes Ekman is synonymous with “cool”.

Agnes took her first steps in her career very early on. At the age of 16 she got her first job and has since worked in all kinds of places; as a waitress in London, in retail, the Swedish train operator SJ, to name a few. Somewhere along the way she also managed to score a degree in web design, media technology and information science. As she says herself: “I’ve tried a lot of things”.

Agnes has been at Viaplay for some time now. Well, she has basically played a part in Viaplay, in some form or another, from the beginning.

– That’s why I’m so good at my job, she says with valid confidence. 

 Starting with monitoring live events and support, working her way up to more heavy tech analysis eventually paving the way for her current title as a solutions architect.

–  I have found that the more you know, the more you want to learn. People around me started to see me as confident in my knowledge and it grew from there.

– Making things work has always been a big part of my life, ever since I was a kid. Tech is a part of that, a tool to making things work. I can spend hours just getting something perfect and the feeling I get after solving a problem trumps almost everything!

In her role Agnes work across several teams, which suits her perfectly. Over the years, with her vast experience at MTG, she has become somewhat of an expert on the whole organizational structure of the company. Agnes knows someone in basically every department, making the jump between teams on a day to day basis easy and fun. The fast pace and interactions makes her grow in her performance. 

– Our mutual strength at Viaplay is that we are great at collaborating! We inspire each other and are not afraid to reach out beyond our own teams and departments. 

Name: Agnes Ekman
Role: Solutions architect
Education: Degree in Informatics


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