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Nima Khiabani

Nima Khiabani

Android Developer – Tech

The turn of phrase “the right man for the job”, albeit often misused, really does apply wonderfully to Nima Khiabani, Android developer and problem solver extraordinaire at Viaplay. Described by his co-workers as a visionary, Nima has made a name for himself by, among other things, really showing his brilliance during the Viaplay hack weeks.

– My role here fits me perfectly. My job is my hobby and vice versa. To be honest, developers have plenty of chances to change their job with the hope of improving, but I’m here because Viaplay has given me a platform to grow. 

Nima has his background firmly rooted in software technology, with a Master’s degree from Linnaeus University. He has held an array of different roles, many of them in big companies. When it came time for him to choose a career in Stockholm, the choice of Viaplay actually had a lot to do with the size of the company.

– In smaller companies everything needs to move quickly and sometimes the quality lacks. In large companies technology lags behind instead as a result of slow decision making. At Viaplay we have the best of both worlds. The time and resources exists to implement features with decent quality, while it is possible to influence decisions, it’s smart and nimble. We have hack weeks where creative ideas get implemented with collaboration of different teams. It’s just amazing to watch a lot of those good ideas then go to our product.

Nima also has a strong passion for numbers. His love for all things mathematical started early on, and he used to get a kick out of solving math problems in his spare time – and even during recess in school.

– I love it so much! In high school I was very interested in solving computer problems, probability problems, graphs… That’s where it all started, finding myself trying to calculate the next Fibonacci number using Pascal programming language!

The thing with numbers, Nima explains, is that they have a “beautiful geometry”. Luckily Nima’s mathematical side ties in nicely with his interest in tech and development. As does his fondness for problem solving.

What is the key quality to have success in your role?

– Dedication and passion. In this role you won’t survive if you don’t have interest. You need to stay on your toes and there’s the possibility to use new techniques every day. If you just do the easy tasks, you won’t learn, but if you want to grow, as a person, you need to accept challenges. And there’s always ways to find new challenges. 

Name: Nima Khiabani
Role: Android Developer
Education: Masters in computer science with specialisation in Software Technology


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